Mini Materials Post! - some of my favorite items for on-the-go sketching!

I know it's been forever since I last posted here ...apologies for that. To get back into the swing of things, I thought I would do a mini materials post about some of my favorite drawing items for on-the-go sketching!

*Click the section titles to see where to buy that item!*

Sketchbook (click!) - I'm currently using a hardcover sketchbook by Leuchtturm. Super nice thick paper and handles marker and pen very well. Available on Amazon! (Stickers not included). I actually bought this sketchbook along side 4 other sketchbooks from different companies to make a comparison. This one came out on top and I plan on doing a detailed review on here about all the books soon!

Eraser! - kneaded erasers, never leave home without one! These things are little rubbery bits of gold for me. I've been through many different art erasers over the years and kneaded erasers are always my favorite. They can even pick up (some) accidental pen marks! Available at any craft store or on Amazon ( can you tell I like Amazon just a bit? :P)

Copic Makers! - The Cadillac of the marker world. These puppies cost a pretty penny but are totally worth it. The key is to build up a collection overtime so your wallet isn't super sad. Also, if you ever go to conventions (comic con etc), Copic usually has a giant booth full of all their products and sell their sets at a cheaper rate. *Note!* - there has been a shortage of Copics lately due to an insane increase in demand. Usually you can find them at basic craft store but supplies have been very low for a good while. The link I provided to the Copic website is a good thing to keep an eye on even though they're almost out of everything at the moment. You can also look on  Amazon (click!) for somewhat decent prices on sets and other Copic related products.

Brush pen! - I'm super picky about brush pens. I'm always searching for one I really like and recently I found Daiso! $1.50 hell ya! You don't always have to shell out top dollar for supplies. Use what makes you happiest! *Note!* - the Daiso link I provided is for a pack of ten brush pens. If you go to a Daiso shop in person, they sell those pens individually. Also, I've really taken a shine to this Faber Castell(CLICK!) pen set. You can get it online or at most major craft stores! :)

Pentel Slicci Pen! - I recently discovered this pen at an art supply store near me and I love it! It's super thin and it's really great for teeny detail work and cleaning up larger line work. I used to only be able to find it at that one art supply store but now you can get them on Amazon and Hobby Lobby (if you live near one of those)!

Mechanical Pencil! - I've been using mechanical pencils for my drawings forever because I like having a constantly sharp lead point. Ain't nobody got time for sharpening stuff. Bonus points for using a cute one, makes drawing more fun! I love my black kitty pencil but when I've miss placed it (which happens often) I just use regular Bic mechanical pencils and that work just fine. Don't have to get fancy to do good work!

So there you go! Hope this has been helpful for anyone interested in drawing/ basic art stuff!

DesignerCon 2014 Awesomeness!!

I've finally emerged from my work / art hole and have survived the amazeness that is DesignerCon 2014. This was my second time showing at DCon and this year's show was the best show I've ever done, hands down, for realz. My new booth set up this year had some fancy new displays and I thankfully had a chance to make lots of new items for the event. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and seeing how excited people were about my handmade goodies.  Here's some pictures from around my booth!

I also managed to run around the con for about an hour on Sunday and see all the other artists and their awesome work. Here's all the great goodies I snagged on my travels!

- "Snorffles & Meeps" Art Book and Prints by Jeannine Schafer

- OG Cook Book by Just Jenn Designs

- Rooney the Red Panda by Flat Bonnie

- Ramses the Black Cat by Janie XY

- "Spruce Spricket and the Curious Critters" Kid's Book by Horrible Adorables (Jordan Elise)

- Sunae Sand Art Print by Naoshi

- Laser Cut Wood Necklaces and Earrings by Unpossible Cuts

- Art Print by Jackie Huang

- Art Print by Helen Yoon

- Japanese Style Art Prints by Moira Hahn

- Mini Art Book and Magnet by Nhu Quynh Diep


I just put in an order with Sticker App for new stickers and I'm super excited about it! This is the first time I've made a sticker sheet. Here's a preview of what they're going to look like! 

I also made stickers of my cute little raccoon piece and my logo. If you're ever looking to have stickers made, I highly recommend using Sticker App. They make great quality products (stickers, laptop skins, phone cases) and have awesome customer service. Their upload interface is also super easy to use. Here's a picture of some stickers I made through Sticker App a while back. The color and watercolor texture came out perfectly. I'll definitely be using this company for all my future sticker needs!

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.16.45 AM.png

Skate Decks!

Just finished this piece for an upcoming art show / auction at a local skate park. Here's the progress shots from the wave board. Now on to board #2!

Latest Work!

I'm very excited about the newest pieces I've created. The first one was just for fun and was the result of mindless doodling. I called it my Wild Menagerie! I'm hoping to make some plush toys out of some of these designs soon. I also just put prints of this piece and the one below up for sale in my shop!

The second piece is for the "Doggie Wonderland" charity show! This event is being hosted at Leanna Lin's Wonderland and hosted by SupahCute in Eagle Rock, CA. All proceeds go to help Ken Mar Rescue.  It's going to be an amazing show and I can't wait to see everyone else's work!

Jobs Jobs Jobs!

Sorry for the radio silence lately. I've been swamped with house guests and organizing my best friend's wedding! Now that I've had a little time for myself, I've been back on the job hunt.  I've been searching and apply for freelance / contract gigs for a few weeks now and it's been quite the interesting challenge. The most recent position I've applied for is to be the graphic designer for a company called American Giant. They are an amazing clothing company, specializing in super high quality hoodies. My boyfriend and I own 2 of their sweatshirts each. I personally wear one of mine everyday and I love it. It can handle the beating I put on it by wearing it everyday while I'm working on various hands on art projects. The women's hoodies are beautifully shaped to fit curves and they offer extra small options which is exactly what I need! I'm so excited about this potential position but I know I'm certainly not the only one applying. Finger crossed things go well! :D

This is one of the hoodies I have. I also have the same one in white.

This is one of the hoodies I have. I also have the same one in white.

Woo Vacation Time!

I'm heading out to AZ tomorrow for some much needed R&R. The first week will be spent down in the valley for my mom's birthday. I made her a few gifts this year :D She digs cardinals so thats what I made for her!

The second week I'll be up in the mountains chillin' like a villain in a snowy cabin. I plan to put some serious work into the kids book I'm currently working on and just take some time to relax with Christopherson. He's got a kids book in the works too so hopefully we'll get to work on that a bit too. Oh yea! We'll also be glued to the TV watching the winter Olympics cuz we love them (O__O). My shop will be closed for the 2 weeks I'm away but always feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 


Here's the stuff a made for my mom :) A cardinal painting and wee cardinal sculpture!

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 1.13.01 AM.png


I finally got myself together and made myself a new website! It's fully updated with new (and old) work for all to enjoy. I've tried to make the site navigation as easy as possible but if something isn't working, please shoot me a message and let me know! I'm so excited to launch this site in all it's super colorful glory. I will be updating as often as I can but if you want to keep more up to date with little things along the way, follow me on Facebook and Instagram @AudreyMillerArt! Thank you for all your patience and putting up with my slacking off on this project. For all your efforts, here is a (slightly blurry) picture of my cat :D


My Artist Interview with "A Little Known Craft"!

I just finished an interview with the lovely ladies over at "A Little Known Craft". They're a wonderful group started by three women (Eva Lacy, Danielle Ochoa, and Genevieve Atkerson). They hold a themed arts / crafts event once a month in Santa Ana's F+  Gallery. They've worked very hard and gathered an amazing group of local artists to exhibit and sell their work every month. On top of finding great artists to exhibit, they alwaays make sure there's something fun for everyone by having a delicious food truck for snacks (last month was an amazing gourmet waffle truck), a free take home craft project, and free cartoon caricatures for anyone who wants one! 

So head over to their beautiful new blog page and check out the interview. Also if you're local to the Southern California area, come by next month's event "Mother May I Buy Handmade" at the F+ Gallery on Saturday May 11th just in time for mother's day! 

The Interview:


"Mother May I Buy Handmade?" Event Info:

Facebook Event Page:

F+ Gallery

661 Pointsettia St.

Santa Ana, CA

Saturday May 11, 4pm-8pm


2 shows in 2 weeks and a 3rd on the way!

Show #1: WonderCon 2013 - Anaheim, CA

I spent last weekend exhibiting and selling my artwork at WonderCon at the Anaheim convention center. It was the first time I've ever exhibited at such a large venue and I had an amazing time! I have been to Comic Con twice before and WonderCon is very similar, just smaller. It was great to sit and people watch all the attendees with their amazing costumes and nerdy reference t-shirts. I had several awesome friends stop by, met some great new people, and made some sweet contacts for future events. I can't wait to go back next year! :)

My sweet set up at WonderCon



Show #2: First Friday Art Walk - Santa Ana, CA

These evening I spent time exhibiting and selling my work at the First Friday Art Walk in Santa Ana with some of my fellow artsy craftsy peoples. It was the first time I've had to set up my booth with its own light sources. It was pretty fun trying to figure out easy, inexpensive, efficient ways to light my booth without relying on a power outlet. I ended up purchasing a couple of LED branches and LED mini light strings that run on battery packs from Party City. They worked perfectly and were a great source of light for my table. I also utilized a couple of battery operated lanterns that my boyfriend and I acquired over the holidays last year. 

My lit up table at Santa Ana's First Friday Art Walk

The 3rd show for the 3rd week in a row will be at the F+ Gallery in Santa Ana with the "A Little Known Craft" group! The event is called "Cre-8-Bit" and is 8-bit video game themed! I'm so super excited for this month's theme and will be spending this next whole week cranking out new work for the show and fine tuning old work. More photos to come after the event!

Wow it's been a while..

I haven't updated my site since Halloween holy geez! I apologize for that. Things just got super busy for me which is a good thing! I'm working on my first children's book with an independent publisher, I'm been accepted to a bunch of upcoming art shows, and I've been spending a lot of time exploring new techniques and styles! Lots going on, all positive, lots of new work, and of course as always, there is much more to come! Check out my new series "Watercolor Wildlife" on my gallery page. Sadly I can't release any work from the kids book so you'll all have to wait till its published. It's a limited release so you gotta snatch them up fast. It's called "The Magic Maple Tree". Here are the newest button goodies for upcoming St. Patrick's Day! They will soon be available on my Etsy page. Come visit me March 9th at Craftsablanca art show at the F+ Gallery in Santa Ana,CA! I'll be selling my work along side a team of other very talented artists. 


New Pieces and New Widgets!

2 brand new pieces posted to the Abstract Watercolor section in the gallery! "Bold Stripes" and "Peacock Feather"

"Bold Stripes" was inspired by the collection of upcycled surfboard resin jewelry made by Betty Belts. Check 'em out at:


close up look at "Bold Stripes" and a piece of Betty Belts upcycled surfboard resin jewelry


Close up look at "Peacock Feathers"


Check out my new paintings in the Abstract Watercolor section in the gallery!


Also!! I've added all kinds of widget goodies to the right side of this page! You can now directly link to my Etsy store, Facebook fan page, Twitter feed, and Pinterest boards! Hooray for technology!