There's a cactus in the cup holder and a gnome in the trunk.

Just left from having coffee with Sean Steinman (aka Shwan) in Lafayette. The good times rolled at Starbucks with conversations of fat, skimpy legged spiders, a lizard on a branch who was very much so interested in one of us (most likely Sean. My sister claims it was animal magnetism) at the coffee table, and my sister finding her credit card in her wallet ( she actually found it earlier but thought the "memeber since" number was the expiration date so she ignored it. Woot go Kate) that she swore was lost at the restaurant we ate at last night (Lebanon's Cafe. You should try it sometime. It's really good.) We also discussed my sister's fear of getting pulled over by a cop driving an airboat and jumping out of a swamp to nab us. According to Sean, airboats can drive on cement which means all southern drivers need to add airboat cops to their subconcious list of popo transport. Anyway, a little ways down the road, we passed a huge accident on the opposite side of the road that had traffic backed up for at least 4 miles. Nothing but a cluster fuck of cars and semi trucks. I feel super bad for whatever poor soul beefed it on the highway but I was relieved that my sister and I were going to other way. We sailed by the mess and was like " peace out suckas." After that, we enjoed a Mika marathon, watched the trees go by, got pelted with rain, and my sister educated me on some weird Chinese parasitic plant that sucks the life out of trees in the south. Kudos to whatever guy brought that over to the U.S... Not really. That dude sucks. As a side thought, this post has taken me forever to write. I keep getting distracted all the time by something new to blog about, the need to pee, or from getting stabbed in the leg by George the cactus who lives in the cup holder (hence the title of this post and yes there is a lawn gnome in the trunk). But I digress... We made it to Texas!

From Louisitexas,

Audrey and Kate