We're surrounded!!

My sister and I have made it to Baton Rouge to have the Mini checked over so we don't die on the round. Being a Mini Cooper owner is like being in an elite club. Mini drivers wave to other Mini drivers on the road, there's an iPhone app that how's you if there's a fellow Mini driver nearby, and you can customize the hell out of your car and feel hip with other Mini drivers who have done the same. Due to the fact that I drive a Honda accord, I feel surrounded at the Mini dealership by a type of cool I can't obtain due to my lack of Mini. We'll be here for about an hour then we're off to visit a friend in the city of Lafayette. I've been keeping track of our road trip playlist. Here are the songs from New Orleans to Baton Rouge ( the first chunk if the trip was just the radio)

La la la - The Bird and the Bee / The Bird and the Bee

Recognize ( feat. Dj Swamp) - Better than Ezra

Hey Ya!- Outkast/ speakerboxx

Home - Marc Broussard / Carneco

Grace Kelly- Mika/ Life in Cartoon Motion

Fireflies - Owlcity/ Ocean Eyes

Here it Goes - OkGo/ Oh No

That's all for now!

From the Road,
Audrey and Kate