A cop figures out cruise control after peeing in the ghetto.

In the words of Lauren Gay in reference to my sister's driving,
"You always choose the most ghetto roads to drive down!" My sister's expert skills were proven when we were in need of a rest stop earlier today. We pulled off of the highway hoping to find a gas station nearby but ended up in a sketchy residential area and every street we turned onto was worse than the one before it... but we did see a neato garage sale. After finally finding a Shell station, we rushed to the facilities only to find there is no TP. This is the second gas station bathroom we've been to on our drive today and BOTH have been out of TP. After notifying the cashier to the issue of no tissue, he went to the travel-esque section of the store and pulled a roll off the shelf. Remember, this exact situation happened at both gas stations in 2 different states. I found this to be very weird and very annoying because I mean come on... When you gotta go, you gotta go. Anyway, after we encountered peeing Deja vu, we set back out on the road for a bit. So remember that airboat cop I mentioned ealier? Yea well he unfortunately wasn't on an airboat... But just because he wasn't riding an airboat and flying out of a swamp doesn't mean it couldn't still happen.. Anyway, after we figured out that the cop was indeed pulling us over, he came to the window, he asked my sister for her stuff and asked us a series of questions that we answered politely to him but with a fuck you attitude in our minds. Lucky for us we got off with a warning. I'm pretty sure it was because Kate said she just graduated in New Orleans and he recognized Tulane. See what good a higher education can bring? Turns out Anderson Cooper was wrong about having a masters in liberal arts and it not being worth anything. After watching my sister turn whiter than she already is, we continued on and it became my duty to figure out cruise control. When you read the Mini Cooper's owner's manual and you're not british, you again get the feeling that you're trying to understand some inside joke you're not even a part of. It took me 20 minutes to find the cruise control section. Did you know the CooperS has a sport button that makes the car drive "sportier"? The "s" in CooperS stands for sport but why do they need to say " sportier". They go on to sort of explain it later but i don't know. I was tired, just wanted to find the cruise control page, and didn't have the patience for words like " sportier" I guess. Oh by the way. Confirmation that Mini drivers wave to other Mini drivers. At some point in our journey, a girl in a dark brown Mini passed us and she waved to my sister. I almost fell out of the car in disbelief. Anywho. We made it to San Antonio late last night ( yea I just woke up and I'm finishing the post from yesterday) and had pizza with my aunt, cousin, and their blind, old, poodle named Muffin (Aka Muff). We chatted about the crazy going on in the fam and about how my cousin's bedroom is haunted which freaked me out and when I ran into my aunt in the dark while heading to bed, I almost had a heartattack...
FYI to all the readers. The blogs will slow down for a few days because my sister and I will be with family and such. Look forward to having one big post a night for the next few days but feel free to check back whenever because I might have time to post a little something here and there. Stay tuned!

From the home of Muff the Blind,
Audrey and Kate