Wow it's been a while..

I haven't updated my site since Halloween holy geez! I apologize for that. Things just got super busy for me which is a good thing! I'm working on my first children's book with an independent publisher, I'm been accepted to a bunch of upcoming art shows, and I've been spending a lot of time exploring new techniques and styles! Lots going on, all positive, lots of new work, and of course as always, there is much more to come! Check out my new series "Watercolor Wildlife" on my gallery page. Sadly I can't release any work from the kids book so you'll all have to wait till its published. It's a limited release so you gotta snatch them up fast. It's called "The Magic Maple Tree". Here are the newest button goodies for upcoming St. Patrick's Day! They will soon be available on my Etsy page. Come visit me March 9th at Craftsablanca art show at the F+ Gallery in Santa Ana,CA! I'll be selling my work along side a team of other very talented artists.