2 shows in 2 weeks and a 3rd on the way!

Show #1: WonderCon 2013 - Anaheim, CA

I spent last weekend exhibiting and selling my artwork at WonderCon at the Anaheim convention center. It was the first time I've ever exhibited at such a large venue and I had an amazing time! I have been to Comic Con twice before and WonderCon is very similar, just smaller. It was great to sit and people watch all the attendees with their amazing costumes and nerdy reference t-shirts. I had several awesome friends stop by, met some great new people, and made some sweet contacts for future events. I can't wait to go back next year! :)

My sweet set up at WonderCon



Show #2: First Friday Art Walk - Santa Ana, CA

These evening I spent time exhibiting and selling my work at the First Friday Art Walk in Santa Ana with some of my fellow artsy craftsy peoples. It was the first time I've had to set up my booth with its own light sources. It was pretty fun trying to figure out easy, inexpensive, efficient ways to light my booth without relying on a power outlet. I ended up purchasing a couple of LED branches and LED mini light strings that run on battery packs from Party City. They worked perfectly and were a great source of light for my table. I also utilized a couple of battery operated lanterns that my boyfriend and I acquired over the holidays last year. 

My lit up table at Santa Ana's First Friday Art Walk

The 3rd show for the 3rd week in a row will be at the F+ Gallery in Santa Ana with the "A Little Known Craft" group! The event is called "Cre-8-Bit" and is 8-bit video game themed! I'm so super excited for this month's theme and will be spending this next whole week cranking out new work for the show and fine tuning old work. More photos to come after the event!