Mini Materials Post! - some of my favorite items for on-the-go sketching!

I know it's been forever since I last posted here ...apologies for that. To get back into the swing of things, I thought I would do a mini materials post about some of my favorite drawing items for on-the-go sketching!

*Click the section titles to see where to buy that item!*

Sketchbook (click!) - I'm currently using a hardcover sketchbook by Leuchtturm. Super nice thick paper and handles marker and pen very well. Available on Amazon! (Stickers not included). I actually bought this sketchbook along side 4 other sketchbooks from different companies to make a comparison. This one came out on top and I plan on doing a detailed review on here about all the books soon!

Eraser! - kneaded erasers, never leave home without one! These things are little rubbery bits of gold for me. I've been through many different art erasers over the years and kneaded erasers are always my favorite. They can even pick up (some) accidental pen marks! Available at any craft store or on Amazon ( can you tell I like Amazon just a bit? :P)

Copic Makers! - The Cadillac of the marker world. These puppies cost a pretty penny but are totally worth it. The key is to build up a collection overtime so your wallet isn't super sad. Also, if you ever go to conventions (comic con etc), Copic usually has a giant booth full of all their products and sell their sets at a cheaper rate. *Note!* - there has been a shortage of Copics lately due to an insane increase in demand. Usually you can find them at basic craft store but supplies have been very low for a good while. The link I provided to the Copic website is a good thing to keep an eye on even though they're almost out of everything at the moment. You can also look on  Amazon (click!) for somewhat decent prices on sets and other Copic related products.

Brush pen! - I'm super picky about brush pens. I'm always searching for one I really like and recently I found Daiso! $1.50 hell ya! You don't always have to shell out top dollar for supplies. Use what makes you happiest! *Note!* - the Daiso link I provided is for a pack of ten brush pens. If you go to a Daiso shop in person, they sell those pens individually. Also, I've really taken a shine to this Faber Castell(CLICK!) pen set. You can get it online or at most major craft stores! :)

Pentel Slicci Pen! - I recently discovered this pen at an art supply store near me and I love it! It's super thin and it's really great for teeny detail work and cleaning up larger line work. I used to only be able to find it at that one art supply store but now you can get them on Amazon and Hobby Lobby (if you live near one of those)!

Mechanical Pencil! - I've been using mechanical pencils for my drawings forever because I like having a constantly sharp lead point. Ain't nobody got time for sharpening stuff. Bonus points for using a cute one, makes drawing more fun! I love my black kitty pencil but when I've miss placed it (which happens often) I just use regular Bic mechanical pencils and that work just fine. Don't have to get fancy to do good work!

So there you go! Hope this has been helpful for anyone interested in drawing/ basic art stuff!