Do you do commissions?

Yes I do! Just message me with your idea, budget, and deadline. I can't always take on any request right away so please keep that in mind when thinking about a deadline. I may have other commissions already in progress when you contact me, but I will do my best to get you what you need!

Can I use your artwork for a tattoo?

Of course! I only request that you ask me first. Some people have wanted to use my work in the past but change part of the design. I'm usually not too keen on people changing my original design but if you have something specific in mind, just ask me and we'll figure something out. Also after you get the tattoo done, please send me a picture. I love seeing the end results!

Can I have a digital copy of your artwork?

Unfortunately no. in order to protect my intellectual property, i do not offer my artwork to be bought, delivered, or distributed digitally without a watermark. 

Do you wholesale?

Yes! There are different minimum quantities depending on which item you'd like to buy at wholesale price. Feel free to contact me privately for quantity and price quotes.

Do you ship internationally?

Yep! Feel free to pop over to my Etsy shop and check out what I've got up for grabs. Please know though, international shipping rates have become ridiculously high through all US shipping services. :(

Do you do art trades?

On occasion. It all depends on what you're wanting to trade.

Can you make me some custom buttons?

I can but please note that I can't give discount prices since, like with my own buttons, I would make them each by hand and with my own materials. You might be better served to do some online research and have a company make them.